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It's been a long time since I've done anything wincest.
Lots of fun though I'm still struggling with the software since I'm not really used to it yet.
Pose is influenced by photos I've seen online.

Hope you enjoy!

Dress for Christmas

It's been a really long time since I've done any fancomics but it's certainly LOTS of FUN!!!!
Doing the Wee!chesters AU is really fun.

How is everybody?
It's been a while I know, due to my health issues.
I had to be weaned off outside stimuli so I was off the internet for quite a while.

Now that I'm back I have quite a bit of catching up to do but I hope to do it in due time.
Still love the show and amazed that although it has changed it has changed to my liking.
The writers are truly amazing.

Jensen and Jared are amazing as ever, it's been a while since I've done any fanart but I'm enjoying coming back to that too.
Hope anyone seeing this will be able to enjoy as well.

Big Bang 2011 art; Master Post

Supernatural and J2 Big Bang 2011 art master post.

title: Balthazar's Curse
author: dark_shadow85
rated: NC17
genre: SPN AU, slash,

!!Warnings!!: Wincest, non-con, dub-con, d/s, rape and use of toys.
 Also takes place in Season 6, so if you haven’t watched up to 6.14, beware of spoilers.

art pages (constructed by dark_shadow85)
  page1   page2


CW official site photos
Oxoniensis Screencaps
Screencap Paradise
Supernatural HQ Screencaps
Supernatural Wiki

Title Font reference:
ADIstiLleRS Font from dafont.com

Deaged Dean (fanart/rated:G)

deaged dean

The first time I've done a "deaged" AU. LOL
Dean's body is deaged, but he's still present Dean inside. Present Sam is having a LOT of fun!!
Drawn for the  SPN 30 snapshots ; theme07 #14: lick

mmm...I'd let this challenge hang for a little to long. But it's get when I want to draw but don't get an idea.

!!NOT worksafe!! !!WINCEST!!!Collapse )

   <<<master post

Again the Winchester brothers growing up together AU.

Well since it's AU, I hope nobody minds me throwing things from my country in.
Came up with this idea, or you could call it a memory, when it was really raining a lot!
The older always looks out for the younger. big bro will keep you dry

I was so amused at how Sam was sort of happy of playing big brother to Adam. (although it wasn't the real Adam)
If they all grew up together, he'd really try to play big bro to Adam, which would be pretty humorous to Dean. LOL

Dean (digital art/ rated:G)

This image just popped into my mind.
Don't ask what he's doing, I have absolutely no idea.
Any suggestions?

Dean rough
I've got one from dA that "maybe he's struggling with the batteries of his walkman". Good one! I can see that happening.

Back on set (digital art/ rated:G)

So our beloved cast is back on the set as we are all back to work or school.
Jared gets to drag Jensen everywhere, Jensen has given in to the manhandling and Misha gets more pics. LOL

back to work

Another one of my "kiss scene" practises. Pre-series Sam and Dean.
Sam wants something to keep him going with his homework. Like he needs it. *wry smile*
But Dean wouldn't deny Sammy anything would he? LOL

something to keep me going